Phonkee Les

All About Him

Phonkee Les decided to pursue a musical instrument in his senior year in college. His love for music was surpassed with a passion to learn how to actually play music. He gathered together some money, went to a pawn shop, bought a bass guitar, and began his quest toward musicianship. He tried to take lessons, but after the first free lesson, he was only able to afford to pay his teacher for one more session. After graduating from college, he spent his summer going to clubs and events where he knew live music would be played, to try to meet some bassists and get some advice on how to get better, quickly. Fortunately, his circle grew and before long, Phonkee Les had the tools to help jump start him into the world of music. Always a student to the craft, he continues to learn, grow, and perform professionally with The Felicia Hoyos Band, The BJ Griffin Band, and also a host of substitute work with other music groups.

Phonkee Productions

In 2012, Phonkee Les decided to officially declare his profession as a business and created Phonkee Productions LLC. Phonkee Productions LLC will serve as an entity to provide music for various events including but not limited to parties, receptions, and social functions. He continues to grow in skill, and desires to use his creativity to produce enjoyable music for many to enjoy.