Time to Grow

Post date: Feb 14, 2013 2:8:1 AM

Scattered thoughts...

Going through a period of change and growth at the moment. After launching the business and website, I'm realizing that it takes more to operate and maintain a business than a name and business card. Structuring for success comes with a cost and some sacrifice. Being a late bloomer to this field of music, I missed many of the free lessons that others have received either through school, formal lessons, and experience. Therefore, I have to figure out how to get those skills that I missed into my grasp. Beyond my peers sharing concepts with me, pointing me to the right notes when I miss them, and youtube, I have to take matters into my own hands, especially if I'm going to become the type of bass player that I'd like to be. Well, I've been blessed to step forward at a few sheds and just play what I know, then listen and learn from the other cats. I've had enough embarrassing moments to not be afraid of them, although I don't like them. So now, I'm doing things out of the box from my normal complacency. I'm attending bass guitar clinics, seeking out one on one professional help, and seeking knowledge from other musicians of different instruments. Meanwhile, I'm maintaining and continually working hard on my current gigs, always striving to be and do my best in all situations. My sound is evolving though. I'm ready to sell some equipment and get some different gear. It's amazing how you outgrow your sound. At least I do. I would like to add a fretless bass to my arsenal, but other than that, I'm satisfied with my instruments. Cabinets and amps, it's time to reinvest in my craft. Always wanting my sound to be as professional as possible, I have to be satisfied with what I'm hearing and feeling. Therefore, the hunt for sonic satisfaction is back in full effect. My main mentor has turned my ear to consider something that I've never even thought about. Stay tuned to see what may pop up on my next gig... Peace